About Me

Not that any of you would care about who I am or what I do but why not start off talking about myself? First off, I’m not going to say my name because I don’t want anyone to know who I really am. I just want my problems known. That way, no one will ridicule me of my life :p. Anyways, I’m a 23 year old college student studying in computer graphics and somewhere along the lines of programming. I was born and raised in Northern California and still am living here. I love video games (here is where most of my social life problem lies). I also can’t live without basketball. I pretty much enjoy anything from listening to music, watching movies, watching cartoons, or going outdoor. Most of my early adult and late teen life was spent online or digital media. I have been surfing the web, and socializing online for too long. I have spent my entire life in school and have done crap aside from schooling. I will continue to school even more in the near future….As you can see, I’m kind of lifeless. In fact, I still live with my family.

I started off college as an animation student but later found that my passion lies in video games. I hope to obtain a job in the industry one day. If not, i’ll be an independent developer and survive off an app store somewhere. I believe there is a whole untapped potential out there for me to convey my message through the power of interactive design. If i ever do obtain a studio one day, i want it to serve the purpose of games, music, movies, and social justice.

Aside from my crappy life, an accomplishment I’m proud of is taking part in my community as a volunteer member to feed the homeless. It actually happened very recently. It was big leap in coming out of my shell. I still take part in it till this day. While I’m pretty lifeless, I also enjoy the word “Ambitious.” I try to think of bigger goals in life overall and not get too caught up in my drama life. I guess that’s the only way i can really heal my heart, which is to focus on the greater good of humanity. I know it sounds lame and pretentious but hey, it actually works. That’s when i found out that perhaps my passion for video games isn’t a coincident after all. with my emo social life, i might just be able to one day use my artistic skills to communicate my pain to the general public. What get’s even weirder is I want to program crazy shit to advance the field medical science and engineering. i don’t know how that works but I’ll look into.

I don’t know much about myself. I’m still exploring my personal identity like many. Over the past few years, I have been dealing with inner social relations among friends, families and classmates. I decided to dedicate a blog to release my inner self and be an attention whore like many social network friends since I can’t do that on social network sites or else they’ll know who I am. I felt like I wasted a decade of my life doing nothing or maybe I have forgotten the important events that had occurred in my life. Hopefully, this blog will make my life more interesting if it’s already not.

Enough about me and let’s start Blogging!!!!



This is a blog about every personal shit that goes on in my life from personal relationship, friendship, families, school, work, etc. I thought about it and did it right away. I need to let it out my head so i ┬ácan feel better. Maybe someone is reading this and hopefully I’m not alone. It’s always great to not be alone. Anyways, this is suppose to be a “welcome” post not an actual blog but I’m already blogging already -_-. Expect more of this. Thanks and have a fabulous adventure with me in my life!